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Join May First at the Left Forum!

May First/People Link at the Left Forum May 20 – 22, 2016 As we do every year, May First/People Link is working hard to build and support the work of our member The Left Forum: the premiere yearly left-wing conference in this country. This year we’re doing more workshops than ever and we’re making a bit of Left Forum history in the process: We’re doing the first Left Forum workshop about the significant challenges people of color face on the Internet and around technology as well as a panel about the huge issue of women and the Internet.

Satuday, April 9: Server Move In Process. Some sites offline during this planned maintenance

We are in the process of moving 5 physical servers from our XO location to our Telehouse location and plan to be complete by midnight, America/New_York time. Tags: callout

March 31 - May First Presentation on Increase of On-Line Attacks and Threats

We can’t ignore this threat; you shouldn’t miss this presentation!!! Call in and hear May First/People Link Leadership Committee member and chief technologist Jamie McClelland on The Increase in On-Line Attacks and Threats Why it’s happening, what it means and what we should do about it. When: March 31, 2016 – 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm (U.S. Eastern time) To get connection information, please Register. Link to slides: Bring as many people as you want; all they have to do is register.

Justice Delayed: Campaign for Prison Phone Justice Responds to Court’s Stay

March 8, 2016 Yesterday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Cir­­­cuit granted a partial stay requested by the telecommunications companies effectively delaying last year’s Order by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to regulate the prison phone industry. FCC Chair Tom Wheeler and Commissioner Mignon Clyburn have already expressed their regret in this temporary setback. The Campaign for Prison Phone Justice echoes this disappointment but we remain hopeful that the rate caps passed by the FCC will be fully implemented.

MF/PL Takes Major Step Toward Internet Autonomy

In partnership with the Calyx Institute, May First/People Link now has our own block of Internet addresses, allowing us greater freedom and flexibility when responding to denial of service attacks and legal take down notices from corporations trying to stifle political speech. The partnership with the Calyx Institute offers many political benefits. It is the first Internet organization to resist a National Security Letter and is a leader in the movement for a free and private Internet and its work dovetails with several of May First’s objectives and campaigns.

Member News

Portside (2016-05-28): Donald Trump Can NEVER Be President
Portside (2016-05-28): Meet My Child: Parents of Transgender Kids Speak Out
Portside (2016-05-28): Senator Bernie Sanders on Debating Trump
Portside (2016-05-28): Weiner | Documentary Film
Portside (2016-05-28): How About 100 Bernie Sanders?
Portside (2016-05-28): Protests Spread Across France as Workers Refuse to Submit
Portside (2016-05-28): Why Paul Krugman Is Wrong About the 1990s
Portside (2016-05-28): Extinct Humans' DNA Is Helping Us Today
Portside (2016-05-28): Welfare Queen
Portside (2016-05-27): The Brazilian Coup's Image Problem
lindorff (2016-05-26): With Clinton’s Nixonian Email Scandal Deepening, Sanders Needs to Demand Answers
glindorff (2016-05-26): Notes toward a manifesto
lindorff (2016-05-26): Pushing Sanders to Run as a Green and His Backers Not to Support Hillary Clinton if She Gets the Nomination
BNC (2016-05-25): G4S still not taking adequate steps to end Israeli apartheid role
lindorff (2016-05-23): 72-Year-Old Fringe Left Candidate Wins Presidency in Austrian Run-Off Election -- Is There a Lesson Here for Sanders?
lindorff (2016-05-23): Europe, the US and the Politics of Pissing and Being Pissed
Ziyaad (2016-05-22): The Sports boycott of Israel – the case of football
maren (2016-05-22): 354 European human rights organisations, church groups, trade unions and political parties call on the EU to support their right to boycott
MFPL Service Advisory (2016-05-19): upgrading memory in onsite backup server
BNC (2016-05-17): Palestinian labour movement welcomes Fuecys union in Uruguay support for Israel boycott
BNC (2016-05-16): Ending UK government support for Israel’s regime of apartheid and settler colonialism is more important than ever
Ziyaad (2016-05-16): Activists Protest “Displacement from Brooklyn to Palestine”
Ziyaad (2016-05-16): Interview With BDS Co-Founder Omar Barghouti: Banned by Israel From Traveling, Threatened With Worse
Ziyaad (2016-05-16): For the record, BDS is an anti-racist issue
Ziyaad (2016-05-16): Harvard Law Review assesses NC anti-BDS legislation and it doesn’t look good
grant (2016-05-16): Could the Problem of the 21st Century Be the Gender Line?
jessguh (2016-05-13): Hysteria Over Zika Spreads Faster than Zika Itself
MFPL Service Advisory (2016-05-13): proudhon mysql recovered / mysql recuperado en proudhon
MFPL Service Advisory (2016-05-12): mysql database crash on proudhon / caida mysql en proudhon
BNC (2016-05-12): Take action against Israel’s attacks on BDS
washington (2016-05-12): Islamophobia on the Rise in England
maren (2016-05-11): Ramallah mobilises again against the social security law
Quinn Hungeski (2016-05-11): Call for Backers of Hillary, Bernie, The Donald, and Lost GOPers to Draft Unity Candidate
BNC (2016-05-10): Israel imposes effective travel ban on BDS movement co-founder, steps up anti-BDS Repression
Quinn Hungeski (2016-05-07): Cold Water Brigades Can’t Douse Sanders Campaign; Political Revolution Will #KeepOnBerning
None (2016-05-04): Seeking Fellow Pollinators to Join our Distribution Team!
None (2016-05-03): Monitoring Deflect
maren (2016-05-01): May 1 message by the New Unions (PFNTU)
alfredo (2016-04-27): Where the Bern is Fizzling
lindorff (2016-04-27): Please contribute to Our Indiegogo Campaign to Raise Funds to Support Investigative Reporting on the TCBH! Site
maren (2016-04-20): Statement of Condemnation and Solidarity: João Bigode presente!
maren (2016-04-19): Ten thousand mobilize in Ramallah to fight for social rights
MFPL Service Advisory (2016-04-12): DNS upgrade, 2016-04-13
maren (2016-04-10): After BDS pressure, Brazilian province cancels cooperation agreement with Israel’s Mekorot
MFPL Service Advisory (2016-03-31): Downtime for kramer,dider,julia / Tiempo inhabilitado para kramer,didier,julia
MFPL Service Advisory (2016-03-31): planned downtime for colo move: Sat, April 9
MFPL Service Advisory (2016-03-30): Scheduled restart of jones, hammer / Reinició planificado para jones, hammer
maren (2016-03-30): The New Unions are officially recognised as trade union confederation
maren (2016-03-30): World Water Day: Palestine calls to end complicity with Israeli water apartheid
n8fr8 (2016-03-28): Copperhead, Guardian Project and F-Droid Partner to Build Open, Verifiably Secure Mobile Ecosystem

Upcoming Events

2016-11-16 00:00: State of the Black World Conference
2016-06-16 00:00: Allied Media Conference
2016-05-20 00:00: Left Forum
2016-04-08 08:00: North American Social Solidarity Economy Forum
2016-03-30 00:00: RightsCon
2016-03-28 00:00: Left Forum Proposal Deadline
2016-03-22 15:00: BAJI
2016-03-17 14:00: Ruckus Meeting about owncloud
2016-02-25 13:00: MAGNet Anchors Mtg
2016-02-17 15:00: MAGNet Membership Comm


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