New York Times Spoof Site Revived on May First Servers
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New York Times Spoof Site Revived on May First Servers

The website, a spoof of the New York Times that exposes the U.S. media’s biased coverage of the Palestinian rights issue, is again live on May First servers. The website, sponsored by Jewish Voice for Peace (a U.S.-based member of May First/People Link) and Jews Say No!, was wiped off the Internet earlier this week when lawyers for the Times sent Dreamhost, which was hosting the site, a spurious DMCA copyright violation notification.

May First Elects New Leadership

The members of May First/People Link have elected Rob Robinson, Sandra Contreras Martinez, Manisha Desai, Francia Gutierrez, Aarón Moysén and Jacobo Nájera as new members of the organization’s Leadership Committee. These elected members fill five positions already open as well as the seat occupied by Enrique Rosas who has stepped down from the LC. The full Leadership Committee is listed at: The membership has also approved six official documents which can be found here: The vote breakdown: Values/Valores 84 in favor, 2 against Goals/Objectivos 84 in favor, 2 against Mission/Misión 82 in favor, 4 against Structure/Estructura 80 in favor, 6 against Intentionality/V 76 in favor, 10 against Political Environment/Politico 73 in favor, 13 against And the list of priorities set for our organization by its membership is: These votes were the final phase of the 2015 Membership Meeting which has now been completed.

MF/PL Members Set Goals for Coming Year

The Members Meeting of May First/People Link, which took place this past weekend (Nov. 7, 2015), has set the organization’s priorities for coming year. The priorities were developed by “mesas” (or discussion groups) formed by meeting attendees. The list of priorities, by mesas, follows. Mesas in the United States Mesa on Human Communication Technology and Art 1 - Given the current urgency for data sovereignty in the light of escalating cyber attacks on our movement, dialogue among activists and technologists is pressing.

Still stronger after latest attack

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our first appeal. Thanks to your generous support we have received 53 donations and pledges totalling $5,855. This is truly remarkable! Unfortunately, it still does not cover the costs of fighting this attack and so we’re asking everyone who hasn’t donated yet to please do so now using this link:… And please post to your social networks our statement: As most of you know, the attack not only resumed last monday, but took on an entirely new dimension.

We're back up, improved and ready thanks to you!

May First/People Link has brought all its services back on line and completed work that will strengthen our system against the kind of Denial of Service (DOS) attack we recently confronted. That attack, lasting nearly three weeks, targeted specific member websites (starting with the National Network of Abortion Funds site), the May First website itself, email servers and the Domain Name Service servers that are the central directory of our entire on-line operation.

Member News

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Portside (2016-02-10): Michael Moore's New Film Features Portugal's Groundbreaking Policy of Not Arresting People for Drug Use
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MFPL Service Advisory (2016-02-08): new PHP configuration on rodolpho
glindorff (2016-02-06): Trophy Hunting
alfredo (2016-02-03): The 'Bern' and the Internet
grant (2016-02-02): Israel Moves to Check Its Artists
lindorff (2016-02-02): ThisCantBeHappening! Has Launched an Indiegogo Campaign to Raise Funds to Support Investigative Reporting on the Site
maren (2016-02-02): Solidarity for hunger striking journalist Mohammed Al-Qiq
maren (2016-02-02): More Spanish territory liberated from Israeli apartheid
None (2016-02-02): Friends!– Angry about the poisoning of FLINT’s...
maren (2016-02-01): Israel restricts acess to Ramallah
washington (2016-01-29): Report Finds Racist Law Enforcement In England...Again
MFPL Service Advisory (2016-01-28): Network hardware failure / Fallo en equipo de red
MFPL Service Advisory (2016-01-26): ottorene (june, lucy) recovery in process
MFPL Service Advisory (2016-01-26): ottorene (june, lucy and others) down
BNC (2016-01-25): test
jessguh (2016-01-25): Even with treatment for Hepatitis C, Abu-Jamal’s health not guaranteed
lindorff (2016-01-24): Former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Fearing a Trump/Sanders Race, Eyes Running for President
MFPL Service Advisory (2016-01-22): Scheduled Work / Trabajo planificado
lindorff (2016-01-20): Signs of Desperation in Hillary Camp as Bernie Looks Increasingly Likely to Win in Iowa and New Hampshire
MFPL Service Advisory (2016-01-20): server reboots
(2016-01-17): Cooder-Skaggs-White Offer Up a Banquet of American Roots Music
BNC (2016-01-15): BDS en 2015: Siete formas en que nuestro movimiento marcó nuevos rumbos en contra del colonialismo y el apartheid israelíes
BNC (2016-01-15): BDS en 2015: reseña completa
MFPL Service Advisory (2016-01-14): chelsea outage - all services now running
MFPL Service Advisory (2016-01-13): Scheduled Work / Trabajo planificado
Ziyaad (2016-01-13): Palestinians welcome United Methodist Church divestment
BNC (2016-01-12): BDS campaigning guide by UK National Union of Students Black Students Campaign
Hans-Christoph Steiner (2016-01-12): PanicKit: making your whole phone respond to a panic button
BNC (2016-01-11): Irish corporation CRH becomes latest big European firm to exit Israel
BNC (2016-01-07): Orange drops Israel affiliate following inspiring BDS campaign
lindorff (2015-12-30): Dr. Jess Guh on Hep-C Epidemic in Nation's Prisons and Pennsylvania's Refusal to Treat Mumia Abu-Jamal
Abel Luck (2015-12-29): How to Migrate Your Android App’s Signing Key
BNC (2015-12-29): BDS in 2015: Seven ways our movement broke new ground against Israeli settler-colonialism and apartheid
BNC (2015-12-29): BDS: full 2015 round-up
Quinn Hungeski (2015-12-25): How the Grinch Stole the Paris Climate Agreement
maren (2015-12-22): From Canada: Letter of support for Palestinian Popular Resistance
maren (2015-12-21): Become a supporter of the Palestinian Land Defense Coalition!
BNC (2015-12-18): Donate now: Help us build an even stronger BDS movement
maren (2015-12-16): Hadidiya - the next phase in the struggle for survival
maren (2015-12-16): Abu Saqr: the Jordan Valley's struggle for survival, unity and rights
Quinn Hungeski (2015-12-12): Armed, Suicidal Woman Flees Police, Drives off Cliff into Lake Erie, Rescued, No Shots Fired

Upcoming Events

2016-11-16 00:00: State of the Black World Conference
2016-06-16 00:00: Allied Media Conference
2016-05-20 00:00: Left Forum
2016-04-08 08:00: North American Social Solidarity Economy Forum
2016-03-30 00:00: RightsCon
2016-03-28 00:00: Left Forum Proposal Deadline
2016-02-25 13:00: MAGNet Anchors Mtg
2016-02-17 15:00: MAGNet Membership Comm
2016-02-06 13:00: Support Team Meeting
2016-02-03 17:00: LC Retreat Planning Meeting


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