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MF/PL Members Set Goals for Coming Year

The Members Meeting of May First/People Link, which took place this past weekend (Nov. 7, 2015), has set the organization’s priorities for coming year. The priorities were developed by “mesas” (or discussion groups) formed by meeting attendees. The list of priorities, by mesas, follows. Mesas in the United States Mesa on Human Communication Technology and Art 1 - Given the current urgency for data sovereignty in the light of escalating cyber attacks on our movement, dialogue among activists and technologists is pressing.

Still stronger after latest attack

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our first appeal. Thanks to your generous support we have received 53 donations and pledges totalling $5,855. This is truly remarkable! Unfortunately, it still does not cover the costs of fighting this attack and so we’re asking everyone who hasn’t donated yet to please do so now using this link:… And please post to your social networks our statement: As most of you know, the attack not only resumed last monday, but took on an entirely new dimension.

We're back up, improved and ready thanks to you!

May First/People Link has brought all its services back on line and completed work that will strengthen our system against the kind of Denial of Service (DOS) attack we recently confronted. That attack, lasting nearly three weeks, targeted specific member websites (starting with the National Network of Abortion Funds site), the May First website itself, email servers and the Domain Name Service servers that are the central directory of our entire on-line operation.

MF/PL Under DOS Attack

May First/People Link has been targeted by a Denial of Service attack that affects all our servers and services. It is the largest attack on us in our history. The attack follows yesterday’s similar but more specific attack on the Fund Abortion Now website and other pro-choice websites. Today’s attack targets our DNS servers, a tactic designed to cripple our entire operation. The attack is undoubtedly politically motivated. Members will probably experience some service impact on your email and website services.

The Tijuana Declaration

As part of the recent Social Forum, leaders and activists from a wide array of Mexican movements came together in Tijuana, Mexico to discuss points of unity in their struggles and deepening the relationship between their movements and those in the United States. The final declaration of that historic June 25 gathering is on our site in English and Spanish.

Upcoming Events

2016-02-06 13:00: Support Team Meeting
2015-12-05 12:00: Support Team Jessie Upgrade work day
2015-11-30 12:00: MAGNet Steering Group
2015-11-07 10:00: Membership Meeting
2015-11-06 13:00: Membership Meeting: pre meeting training
2015-10-03 13:00: Support Team Meeting


May First/People Link offers two different webmail programs. You will always see the same email regarless of which program you use. Roundcube has a friendly and simple iterface, making it the easier of the two programs to use. Horde, on the other hand, offers more than just email - you can share calendars, to do lists and more with other members of your group. Feel free to try both and decide which one makes sense for you.